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Members' forum

Thanks to the forum you can, as a member:
  • share information
  • buy and sell
  • ask for help and advice
  • ask advice from those who've already ridden where you plan to go

Write to the forum and your message will go to 800 members by e-mail. The replies don't go out by e-mail but you can see them on the forum. That way, everybody gains from the responses but nobody gets deluged by e-mails. You can be notified of a reply if you subscribe to a particular subject.

There's no moderator so we rely on good manners and common sense to make sure the conversation is valuable to all.

Together, the replies build into an encyclopaedia, supplemented by the Manuel du Voyage à Vélo and the WikiCycloPays, the country-by-country files that grow each  year.

Join us at the CCI and you can access the forum from that moment. Your site name and password will be the same as on the members' page and for CAC (Cyclo Accueil Cyclo).

To join the forum, click here: Cliquez ici pour accéder au forum.

Need help? Click here: Aide
For the rules: Règles d'utilisation

If none of that works, or to check your site name and password, contact us here:  contactez-nous.
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