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Overview of Instructions for the Quinzaines CCI

The "Quinzaine CCI" are 15-day bicycle trips whose stops and meeting times are set by CCI. Nothing is organised, only the meeting place for the evening is given. You may arrive in the middle of the trip, whatever day you wish, and leave as you like. The itinerary is flexible between each meeting place: you may bike 50 or 150 km., according to how you feel (site visits, naps, gastronomy, etc.). A small chain ring on your bike is strongly recommended. Each cyclist is autonomous: each one joins the "quinzaine" as he wishes, decides his own itinerary between each meeting place, and provides his own equipment (bicycle, replacement parts, tools, etc). During CCI outings, camping in the wild is often practiced. Caution: no vehicles are allowed to follow you! Membership to the association is asked. Every day, the participants set a meeting at 7:00 PM in front of the city hall of the next town and leave a message indicating the spot of the chosen campsite for those who are late. Cyclo-Camping-International declines all responsibility in case of accident.
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