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Why join?

Isn’t it good, when you dream of a journey, to meet others who’ve ridden the same way, who have tales to tell, news to share? Well, that’s what we do: we share experiences, advice and above all the enthusiasm for travelling by bike. If you can ride a bike there, you’ll find someone at the CCI who’s done it.

Cyclo Camping International is an enthusiasts’ association. There are no paid officials, just fellow bike-riders. We’re just like you. Some are weekend warriors, others potter with families, and some seek distant horizons for years on end. No matter the sort of cycle-touring you enjoy, provided you travel independently with your home in your bags, you’ll fit in perfectly.

What we offer you:

• a quarterly magazine of news and travellers’ stories
• our own guidebook to cycle-touring
• an internet site rich in information and advice
• an on-line forum to chat with your fellow travellers
• a list of members who’ve already ridden where you plan to ride
• an on-line country-by-country guide with all the detail a cyclist needs but guide books never give

Meet your fellow travellers

With us, you enjoy:
• a giant two-day festival of cycle-touring each year in Paris, with films, discussions and much more
• join-when-you-like, leave-when-you-like rides with fellow members, from two days to two weeks and sometimes longer
• our own network of fellow bike-travellers who’ll put you up for the night
• a monthly get-together at our base in Paris

What it costs: 2022

Membership and subscription to our magazine run by the calendar year, so your membership will expire on December 31.
If you join in the summer, it may be we’re out on our bikes, so there could be a gap before we get back to you. But do send us a message to speed things along.

When you join, we’ll send you a welcome message with your password for the site. That will operate until the end of the year. If you sign up for the magazine, your subscription will start with issue 162, out in mid-April. If you join after then, we’ll send you all the magazines for the year that you missed.

If you’re already a member but you haven’t renewed, you’ll find your access is cut off at the start of April. So, to keep all the benefits of the forum, download the membership form and renew now.

What it costs

Just membership:
individual €6, couple €9
under 25 years €5, couple under 25 years €8 (bonus : PDF version of the magazine free)

Just the magazine but no membership:
All destinations €19.

Membership and magazine:

All destinations : individual €21, couple €24
under 25 years €20, couple under 25 years €23

If you’re already a member, you can get to the membership area by clicking here:
Trouble getting through? Just tell us.

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Chaque voyageur est, à un moment ou un autre en recherche de contacts et d’échanges avant de partir. L’idée première de CCI est de favoriser la mise en relation des adhérents futurs voyageurs, avec d’autres adhérents ayant parcouru les mêmes régions ou pays récemment.

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