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A happy novelty of Cyclo-Camping International is its quinzaines, the word for a fortnight, two weeks, even though a quinzaine means 15 days and the rides may last only a weekend...
That difficulty over, quinzaines are touring rides open to members and with the minimum of regulations. Only the evening camp spots are settled in advance. Other than that, you join and leave the ride when you like and choose your own route and distance each day. The only rule is that you must be independent, carry your own camping gear and not have a following vehicle or other outside help.
Sometimes the night stop may not be fixed until the evening. Then the tradition is that the details are pinned to the venue's town hall before 7pm.
To take part, you should be a member of Cyclo-Camping International and have third-party insurance.
We ask you to respect the rules of the road and remind you that you ride at your own risk.
Cyclo-Camping International is not responsible for accidents. And again: no following vehicles are allowed.
If you want to suggest a quinzaine, let us know. Write to

Quinzaine entre Pouilly sur Charlieu et île d'Oléron 01 au 14 septembre 2022

Franic Guillot nous propose une quinzaine du 1er au 14 septembre 2022.

Départ le 1er septembre du camping de Pouilly-sous-Charlieu (12 km au nord de Roanne).
Nous traverserons les Monts de la Madeleine, remonterons les gorges de la Sioule, apprécierons le plateau de Millevaches, la Corrèze, le parc régional naturel du Périgord Limousin et terminerons à l'ile d'Oléron en Charente Maritime.

Etapes prévues :

01/09 Pouilly-Sous Charlieu - Saint Clément - 54 km - Camping "Les plans"
02/09 Saint-Clément - Puy-Guillaume - 45 km - Camping municipal "La Dore"
03/09 Puy-Guillaume - Gannat - 35 km - Camping municipal "Le Mont libre"
04/09 Gannat - Saint-Georges-de-Mons - 60 km - Camping municipal
05/09 Saint-Georges-de-Mons - Eygurande - 57 km - Camping Club Val
06/09 Eygurande - Peyrelevade - 52 km Camping Municipal (avec atelier vélo)
07/09 Repos à Peyrelevade
08/09 Peyrelevade - Uzerche - 62 km - Camping municipal de la minoterie
09/09 Uzerche - Jumilhac-le-Grand - 62 km - Camping "La Chatonnière"
10/09 Jumilhac-le-Grand - Saint-Pardoux-la-Rivière - 42 km - Camping municipal "La Font Rissotte"
11/09 Saint-Pardoux-la-Rivière - Mareuil-en-Périgord - 37 km - Camping municipal "Le Vieux moulin"
12/09 Mareuil-en-Périgord - Jonzac - 76 km - Camping municipal
13/09 Jonzac - Saujon - 57 km - Camping "Le logis de la lande"
14/09 Saujon - Boyardville (Ile d'Oléron) - 51 km - Camping "Les saumonards"

Pas de limitation de participants mais il est souhaitable de  prévenir  Francis via le forum (connexion adhérent requise) de votre éventuelle participation.
Bonne préparation à tous
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